Fauno Bar - Sorrento - Cocktail bar al centro di Sorrento - Restaurant e Snack Bar in Piazza Tasso

Fauno Bar


Upon entering the bar the aroma of the finest coffee greets you creating a wonderful ambience.  Whilst there is also a true delight for the eyes and the palette, with a delicious assortment of pastries, desserts and ice cream all created by the in house pastry chefs.
With a selection of long drinks and cocktails accompanied by appetisers it is possible to pass the time alone or in company immersed in the atmosphere of the main square of Sorrento.

Cocktail Mojito
Coppa gelato con pasticcini
Cocktail Sex on the Beach
Coppa Fauno

Our Pastry

Our Pastry

Even The Fauno Bar Sorrento ... "You can resist everything except temptation!"

Crostatina con Fragoline
Baba' con Crema
Profiteroles al Cioccolato
Delizia al Limone

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